Lucian Davidescu

Dear Mr. Assange, here are the secrets Romanians need to know

Dear Mr. Julian Assange and dear members of the Wikileaks team,

I know you may be too busy with the fallout of the Cablegate release, so I’ll try to keep my letter, a story about 20 years of painful recent history, short. In brief, I will kindly ask you for specific information you might have and that is hugely important for at least 20 million people.

While your release of documents covers the worldwide policy of the no.1 world superpower and assumed democracy (The US), Romania – a rather small Eastern-European recent ally – may be just marginally mentioned. Still, even tiny pieces of information could unveil more of Romania’s darkest secrets. Which – probably needless to say – would unravel more about what happened in the whole Eastern Block with the fall of the Soviet Union. Here are the questions:

1. Romanian communist regime was overthrown in a bloodbath, in 1989. While there is quite a lot of evidence that most of the shootings were orchestrated, practically no finger has been pointed yet. This is mostly for the local investigators to find out and chances are it won’t happen soon. But further evidence suggests that there was also external interference, in the form of covert ops and electronic warfare. Who authored that and why?

2. Soon after the change of regime and the technically-free elections that only switched communists – peaceful opposition in the streets was wiped in 1990’s coal workers’ killing spree. Several more such politically motivated „Mineriads” followed. Who controlled the miners, who sanctioned such behaviour in Romania and why?

3. In 1991, romanian-born professor Ioan Petru Culianu was assasinated in Chicago, in a context that suggested the agenda of the old-school, presumably abolished, political police. Did that political police still exist? Does it still exist?

4. Three Romanian journalists were presumably kidnapped in Iraq, 2005, and held for two months. According to president Traian Băsescu, details will be secret for 50 years. Could you help shorten that to a more realistic human lifespan?
(Of course, you should carefully remove names, so as not to endanger local informants that may have survived the war.)

5. In spring 2009, Romanian opposition leader Mircea Geoană – who, at the time, thought he’d become president – went on a secret, semi-official, visit to Moscow. Why?

Of course, answers to questions  we’re not even aware of are also welcome. In case you won’t see this call or simply can’t help, I hope it will – at least – convince each of my fellow citizens that they should seek the truth themselves.


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